Being a whizz with numbers doesn’t happen overnight. Even proper brainiacs can take some time to wrap themselves around tricky ideas, like long division and algebra, or why that school custard never seems to move much no matter how far you tilt the plate…

And so, really, no-one should get in a tizzy about struggling with their maths grades sometimes. Yes, GCSEs are big scary monsters, but there are always tips to improve your studying before they appear. Let’s run through a few of them, eh?

Believe it or not, maths terminology can be a laugh if you use a bit of colour and craft techniques. Revision cards are fun to make, and they really do work for training your noodle to recognise names and numbers. Partner with a study buddy and have a giggle as you start to answer questions before they’ve even finished reading them.

If maths is getting you down, there’s no better place to get rid of those mental cobwebs than a revision group filled with people just like you. Maths Tutors Help offers GCSE revision classes in Manchester, like these upcoming sessions. There’ll be plenty of pupils on your level, going through a core Edexcel topic together.

Practically any subject can be aced if you do a bunch of practice papers regularly. One or two a week should be fine, under timed conditions, just like the real thing. Once you’re in the exam room with invigilators standing guard over your table, you’ll be glad you had a crash test first. Doing regular practice papers means the actual test will be easy-peasy.

Get an A3 or A2 sheet of paper and cover it (with plenty of highlighted sections and cool fonts) with everything you need to know. This can be your reference guide if you’re stumped on a revision question. Don’t be afraid of getting creative with the style, images and layout; our brains remember ideas faster when we associate them with a visual cue, so that picture of a penguin by Pythagoras’ theorem could actually be pretty useful!

The internet’s bleedin’ marvellous isn’t it? It got you here, for one thing, and there’s plenty more it can do to get your maths revision a few steps ahead. We have several online tuition courses to help you out, all monitored by experienced maths teachers.

Our packages include worksheets, an online maths coach and a full, one-to-one hour per week with a tutor on Skype cam. Bring it up with your parent or guardian, and mention how precious you are…

So, dry those stuffy tears – there’s no reason why your maths exams can’t be a breeze, if you give some of these tips a go. Maths Tutor Help is your best buddy for revision stress; if you’re still worried that numbers are taking you for a ride, don’t be afraid to get in touch and drop us a message.