The Greater Manchester area has, for decades, been a hive of invention and creative spirit. Home to some of the best universities and schools in the country, this is reflected in the amount of tutors seeking your attention, eager to teach and strengthen your subject knowledge.

As such, it can be a little bit baffling to know what to look for. At Maths Tutor Help, we’re all about landing those amazing tutors in your lap. Here’s what you should be considering when finding the perfect match for your maths revision


Smart people can still be foolish. You’d be surprised by the number of tutors who might have a criminal conviction, and have lied about it or not given the full story on their CV. That’s why DBS checks are vital for pinpointing people that haven’t got a bad mark on their reputation.

DBS stands for Disclosure and Barring Service; it’s the government’s way of making sure you can trust whoever’s working with you. Ask for proof of DBS certification, and don’t be afraid to turn anyone down who can’t give you the evidence.


OCR, Edexcel, AQA… there are a couple of distinct examination boards, and all of them have particular modules that you’ll have to get familiar with. There’s no use hiring a tutor who doesn’t know the ins and outs of whatever curriculum you’re on.

Our specialised maths revision courses cover everything you need to comply with a learning framework. Expert maths tutors can test you with practice exam papers that are very close to the real thing. We’ll make sure you’re paired with the right curriculum-based educator.


Some of the pupils who contact us are after a little pep for their GCSE grades; others are revising for SATs, or struggling somewhat at the Key Stage 3 level. Just like a school wouldn’t put you in a class that’s out of your league, it’s important for tutors to be on the same page with your abilities, tailoring lessons to the concepts you’re used to.

For example, we have dedicated GCSE classes, as well as A-Level tutors reacting to the more complex end of the maths scale. No matter what stage you’re at, we’ll put you in touch with someone who knows what topics are necessary.


We’re all unique creatures, and attempts to slot you into one learning style generally aren’t a good idea. You may, for instance, remember things through visual repetition, or bullet-pointing important information.

There are so many ways to learn that it’s vital for tutors to respect your wishes – after all, their job is to help you, no matter the means of doing so. Maths Tutor Help can give you one-to-one help or place you in a class of students with similar skills, doing whatever you think is best for soaking up strategies and formulae.

The learning environment really should be yours to shape how you like. Don’t ever take second best when it comes to finding a maths tutor in Manchester who’ll get you reaching for those top marks! Send us a message to get started, and see what we can do for your maths grades over the coming months.