Maths Courses

Online, group and revision Maths courses are just some of the opportunities we offer.

Maths Tutor Help is renowned for quality, flexible teaching that does whatever it takes to see those grades improve. Our convenient, reliable service includes multiple courses ranging from KS2 to A-Level, covering every context and requirement including numeracy for adults. If a syllabus is wearing you down, we’re here to pick you up again through the highest standard of maths tuition.

Over 10 years, we’ve acquired enough wisdom and interpersonal experience to boost any student to better grades. In private, public or virtual settings, our learning providers will pay close attention to your activity, to help you learn at your pace.

This service is primarily available in the Northwest of England, although we are bringing tutors to other corners of the UK as our reputation grows.

For more information about our services, we offer browse through our maths courses menu, or we can provide a customized course for your requirement.

One-to-One Tutoring

Arrange a booking with a Fully Qualified, CRB checked Experienced Maths teacher to assist you in improving your Maths.
£30/hr – One-to-One Maths Tuition Session

Group classes

We recognise that learning in a collaborative and interactive setting can contribute to quality learning and remarkable results. Therefore, you can save money by joining our group session either online or offline in location based in Manchester.
With exam practice and techniques as the focus, we take you through the main element of the syllabus for 1 hours. Our GCSE maths revision course helps you improve your maths skills, so you get the best results in your maths exam.
£15 per child – Group Classes

Online Tutoring

Maths Tutor Help provide outstanding online tutoring sessions that allows you to connect to us from anywhere, in return we offer sessions designed to individual learning pace and ability. Please click on the following link to hear more about our online service


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