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Being gifted is about being persistent, and that’s what Maths Tutor Help has striven for since its inception. Our founders have over 50 years of teaching experience between them, and strongly believe in the necessity for specialised maths tuition, backed by experience in the educational mainstream.

It was our impression that not enough students – especially those exposed to inappropriate learning tactics – reach their potential in the classroom. They need a sensitive approach that works how they want it to. That’s what motivates us – to be right at the side of a curious mind, guiding it towards a new learning curve.

Our mission statement

Improvement is our mission and greatest thrill. Here’s what we pledge when it comes to personal tuition:

  • To improve maths skills in any environment.
  • To provide affordable and efficient interventions, which hit all of our targets.
  • To make maths education more accessible than ever before.

The benefits we produce

As we look to branch out nationwide, the results we bring to our pupils will be felt keenly across all sorts of learning environments. With adaptable courses, up-to-date curriculum knowledge, and packages at an affordable price, there’s a host of achievements to be gained with Maths Tutor Help to count on.

We provide the latest online learning support and resources, as well as perks like work sheets created specifically for each child or class. Whether our pupils prefer working at home, in a one-on-one session, or surrounded by other students on an equal level, we aim to bring a passion for numbers out of anyone we deal with.

Every single one of our tutors can attest to years of excelling in the traditional school system. By drawing on their past accomplishments, maths support becomes a generous, likeable helping of debate and encouragement, the best recipe for success.

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