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Arrange a maths intervention or consultancy at any learning establishment, school, or college.

When the going gets tough, Maths Tutor Help can assist a struggling pupil with their immediate educational needs. Our qualified maths experts will identify areas that require the most work and, in close collaboration with the student and whoever else might support them, pin down a solid recovery strategy.

We offer performance tracking and feedback, whilst advising on cost-effective tutoring solutions. Our Maths Intervention menu, to the left, outlines our approach in different learning environments. Every single one of our tutors is DBS-checked, at the cutting edge of the UK curriculum.


Step 1: Discuss primary objectives with School Liaison Officer, with the goal to arrange a convenient meeting time in the afternoon or early morning
Step 2: Clarify the learner’s weak points through a diagnostics test
Step 3: Break down a plan of action using SMART objectives
Step 4: Monitor and record the learner’s daily progress
Step 5: Submit a report to the school authority, summarising improvements


Arrange a Maths Intervention at your school or learning establishment, when you need extra hands on deck for the challenges of a curriculum

We’ll send a qualified specialist to your learning space, delivering programmes either 1-to-1 or in small groups. Fully trained in the latest KS3 and KS4 maths syllabus, with a wealth of experience in tutoring 11-16 year-olds, our maths teachers can support your efforts to ensure no one is left behind.

We’ll liaise with you to co-ordinate lesson plans around what you feel is a good fit, drawing on our experience in: